BSL: Getting to know the students

We’re excited to build closer bonds with our BSL students. We want to learn about what they’re studying and discover their favorite games.

Season 6 of the Belgian Student League!

Hello, students! Get ready because the new season of the Belgian Student League is just around the corner. The BSL, in short, is the perfect opportunity to compete in gaming tournaments while pursuing your studies alongside like-minded individuals!

Pringles: Stay in the Game

It’s time to stay in the game and enjoy yourself with some Valorant during your summer break! We’ve got three different tournaments lined up for you with a lot of different prizes to be won!

Meet the teams: Thomas More Gaming

Let’s get to know the community behind Thomas More Gaming, following their remarkable achievements in the highly competitive BSL competition.

UPDATED: The Belgian Student League Finals – Season 5

The Belgian student League final is back, and it’s going to be epic! Don’t miss the chance to witness the best collegiate players battle it out for a total prizepool of €8,000 in the thrilling finals of our League of Legends, Rocket League, and FIFA competitions

Pringles VR Challenge

The Belgian Student League is passionate about organizing tournaments for students at student events. Therefore, we have planned the Pringles Golden Can Challenge, a virtual reality rhythm game competition in Beat Saber.

Meet the teams: HOGENT Esports

After all that young blood, it’s once again time to put an old-timer in the picture. And what a perfect timing since they recently rebranded their logo! Of course we are talking about none other than HOGENT Esports, the Rocket League Champions of season 2!

Meet the teams: Erasmus Esports

Today you get to meet the Capibaras from Erasmus Esports. Yes, there is another Esports Community in the Belgian Student League. But they are certainly no rookies, because in season two of the BSL they finished third in Rocket League.

Meet the teams: HELMo Gaming

HELMo Gaming is one of the four new esports communities participating in the Belgian Student League this season. We have high hopes for this community because they are showing tremendous effort. HELMo – Haute École Libre Mosane – has been around for 14 years and has around 30,000 students spread across different campuses.

Meet the teams: AeS ULB

Association Esport de l’ULB, is the esports community for the Université Libre de Bruxelles. AeS ULB is known as the oldest university esports association in Belgium. AeS ULB was created in March 2017 by three students of ULB and an alumnus.