THIS WAS: BSL Season 4 Finals

This was: BSL Season 4 Finals   The battles have been fought, the season 4 champions are known and the prize money has been divided. The Belgian Student League Finals have come to an end! What an amazing event it was. Every single one of you who visited the finals, made the event special. The […]

Rocket League: Block Busters

The regular Rocket League competition might be finished, but that doesn’t mean the show is over! Meet ‘Block Busters’, a new Rocket League tournament in association with Kinepolis Become the hero of this epic movie, and win some amazing prizes.

Meet the teams: HE2B

Haute École Bruxelles-Brabant is the new kid on the block of season 4 of the Belgian Student League. As a new competitor, a lot of teams didn’t bat an eye when they joined, but this changed really quick when HE2B showed what they are capable of!

Valorant Clutch

Of course, Valorant has to be part of the tournament series. In preparation for the well-known Red Bull Campus Clutch tournament, we are hosting a new Valorant tournament called Valorant Clutch!

Meet the teams: VUB Gaming

VUB Gaming is the revelation of the Belgian Student League: the Belgian House of HR Cup representative, the finalist in the Rocket League competition and a top contender in FIFA with EminoMercy. You could say that VUB Gaming has already had an amazing year, but they want more.

The Belgian Student League Finals

The fourth season of the Belgian Student League is coming to an end. The finalists have almost been decided and the teams and players are getting ready for the final battles in Rocket League, League of Legends and FIFA. And you can be there to cheer them on!

VUB Gaming is the Belgian House of HR Cup representative

Congratulations VUB Gaming! They became the Belgian House of HR Cup representatives after beating AeS-ULB in the grand final. The team from Brussels will take on Erasmus Esports from the Netherlands at the Kursaal in Ostend on the 6th of May. Who will become the House of HR Cup Champion and take home the prize pool of €1500? 

Meet the teams: Cefuc Gaming

The Cefuc Gaming we know today is not the same as it was a year ago. Bigger ambitions, more skilled players and a very strong community. We have just seen the tip of the iceberg of Cefuc Gaming.

Meet the teams: UCLL Gaming

UCLL Gaming, like many other schools, is just taking their first steps into the esports scene. With the full support of their school, they’re already making big moves in our various competitions this season. Very strong teams, very passionate players and the ambition to win. Be prepared because UCLL Gaming is not playing around, they are playing to win!

Meet the teams: Howest Esports

When you think of the BSL, you immediately think of Ephec, PXL, AES, AGEM… but not of Howest. This bothers them. They want to change that as soon as possible and make Howest a real competitor fighting for the BSL championship in all the competitions.