The Belgian Student League is the premier competition for gaming students who want to take on students from other universities and colleges across several esports.

An ever growing number of schools have chosen to be a part of this competition, giving young esporters from different levels a chance to show off their skills.

The Belgian Student League even has its very own offline finals, giving the best of the best an opportunity to play in front of their own friends, family and supporters.

The Belgian Student¬† League is more than just one league though. We’ll also be hosting the BSL Tournament Series with our partners, which will cover a plethora of tournaments with many different games, so we can support everyone’s favorite esport, from Rocket League to League of Legends to FIFA and everything in between. Got suggestions? Let us know!

And thirdly -and maybe most importantly- we are launching BSL Student Events.

As an organisation we want to support student initiatives. If they want to organise their own LAN parties, competitions or even an esports community in their school, we will provide them with the necessary expertise, platforms and possibly materials. This way we try to support upcoming esporters and organizers of esport events.

Last but not least we try to give students a glimpse of the world that is esports. It is not just about playing games. It is a complete industry, with a growing number of job opportunities. Many students, schools, parents, … still see a career in gaming as either being a developer or being a pro gamer. There are so many other ways to be a part of this sector, that has been growing immensely over the past few years. The people at our mother company perfectly represent what is possible, that this dream can become reality. We’re a bunch of gamers that made a career out of their hobby. From project managers to writers to event organisers and more!

By bringing all these aspects together, we help create a foundation for Belgian esports in colleges and universities, which allows institutions to develop esports focused programs in the future.