Sportiness, dynamics, innovation and top performance. These are words that perfectly sum up the spirit of esports but also the spirit of Audi.

We share the same values and combine them with a touch of entertainment and a thrilling experience.

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Burger King:
Why Burger King became partner of esports? Easy ! A more natural partnership does not exist! We know that there is a big affinity between the esports-community and fast food. 

Esports is also a great platform to get in touch with our core target audience, offering them fun, bold and authentic content without being intrusive.
It’s content that esport and gaming-fans love to see from brands. And we can offer them this content.
Nothing Burger King loves more than supporting the Kings of the game or roasting (or flame grilling ) the Clowns of a bad session.
Burger King and esports? Flame on ! 

Red Bull:
At Red Bull we always strive to be at the top of our game, to be the best. It is a mentality we share with athletes in all sports, including esports.

Gamers are always looking for that extra edge on their opponents, an edge we gladly provide them. With Red Bull you always play for the win, because Red Bull gives you wings.

Kinepolis has extended the traditional cinema experience to a broader world of film and entertainment. We want to give visitors the ultimate movie experience. This has led to the transformation of the cinema into a versatile multimedia centre.

We aim to bring various gaming events live on our huge screens. During these events, your Kinepolis cinema will be transformed into a real esports arena where you – together with other gamers – can support your favourite team.

Becoming partner of the Belgian College League is our first step into the wonderful world of gaming and esports. Why we do this? Because you’re here too. Together with a lot of other Belgians you live and share your passion for esports and gaming.

We won’t pretend it’s also our passion – maybe it will grow on us ;-). Our goal is to better understand you and your needs, so we can better serve and protect you. Because after all that’s our passion.

Twitch Student:
Through gaming clubs and varsity esports programs you’ve amazed us with your ability to challenge yourselves, compete in higher levels of play, and build vibrant communities on campuses across the world. With the Twitch Student Program, we’re offering you the means to grow an even larger audience, represent your university on Twitch, and gain skills and experience valuable to a future in gaming. 

We are proud to say we are the pioneer when it comes to digitalizing everything HR related. As one of Belgium’s biggest talent placement agencies, it’s safe to say that Accent has always been innovative, gutsy and eager to learn more about upcoming technologies.

We love discovering the different opportunities that gaming and esports may have for HR and can’t wait to get to know the stories behind the passionate people who love gaming.

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Disruptive innovation is changing the way the world works. And it’s creating opportunity, but only for those who can keep up with the pace or reinvent themselves to thrive.

At EY, teaming, innovation and a healthy mind and body are top priority. With these values in mind, every employee at EY has their own exceptional EY experience. 
We believe that esports will contribute in a lot of ways of creating an exceptional EY experience for our employees as well as for our future colleagues. 
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