Tournament Series

It’s over €7,000! 

The Belgian Student League wants to give everyone the chance to participate in a gaming tournament, regardless of skill. Therefore, we created the Tournament Series. Together with our partners we will offer a wide array of tournaments in all sorts of games. This can range from CS:GO and Brawl Stars to even board games like chess. Hit us up and we’ll see what we can do.  

  • Each tournament will have its own cool prize pool offered by our partners. We will be handing out a minimum of 2,000 worth of prizes additional to €5,000 that gets distributed in the leaderboards amongst the student associations. This brings the total of the Tournament Series to over €7,000. 


  • – Each player will be able to gather points for their student association. 


  • – We will use a leaderboard system whereby an accumulation of activity and high rankings will decide which student association wins.  


  • – Starting in October 
  • – Assemble your teams, sign up as much as possible and grab your chunk of that 7,000.   

Want to participate?
Check out the link below and see which tournaments are open for sign-ups. Come back often, because new tournaments will be announced regularly.

No team?
We have that sorted as well, let people know you’re looking for a team on our discord!
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