BSL Season 6: The Champions are known

Season 6 of the Belgian Student League has come to an end! After three intense finals and an amazing day at AP Hogeschool in Antwerp we have our champions in EA Sports FC, Rocket League and League of Legends.

EA Sports FC | Uliks (UCL Cefuc) vs Abdullah Waiss (PXL Esports)

The day started off with a battle between two football champions. The first game was immediately a nailbiter, with Uliks going up 2-0 but Abdullah managing to take it to overtime in the last minutes, to eventually take the first game. The second game played out similarly, with Uliks again seeming to have the upper hand, but Abdullah eventually winning. 2-0 in games and the first champion of the day was Abdullah Waiss from PXL Esports.

Rocket League | AP Spartans vs GG Odisee

The home crowd at AP Hogeschool was ready and hyped to watch their Spartans keep the trophy at AP in Rocket League, but the team started of slow. It went down 2-0 in a best-of-7 and for a moment it seemed to all go wrong. But the trio Spartans stepped up when they needed to and in the end fairly easily took the win, to the delight of all their fans (including a number of very happy teachers).

League of Legends | KUL vs PXL Esports

The last final of the day was somewhat of a Beauty vs The Beast story. On the one hand we had the very well organized PXL Esports, with some nice-looking jerseys and a big team of support, while on the other hand we had the team of KU Leuven, who were completely self-reliant and had far less time to practice before the finals.

We got three close games with changing fortunes on both ends, but in the end it was the raw talent of KU Leuven that managed to take home the win, leaving PXL Esports in second place for a fourth time.

 We also want to thank all fans who came to support the teams. We had an amazing atmosphere all day thanks to you all!

On 19 May the 2024 Belgian Student League finals will take place at AP Hogeschool Campus Spoor Noord – Viaduct, and you can be there!

The sixth season of the Belgian Student League is almost wrapped up, but not before going out with a bang! The six finalists have been decided and they will now duke it out for their share of the €8,000 prize pool.

What? Where? When?


The qualified teams


Throughout the day you can enjoy the best collegiate esports has to offer in Belgium! Come enjoy the skills of rising talents in the scene and cheer your school to victory!

Can’t make it? Don’t worry! All games will be broadcasted live on Twitch.

Thanks to our partners Knorr, McDonald’s, Croky and Red Bull we can also offer a bunch of other activities. Set the fastest time at Frank-Knorr-Champs, play a game of McDonald’s cornhole, enjoy yourself at the Croky Arcade and feel like a real driver in the Red Bull Racing Sim.

But wait, there is more! We will also be holding a number of giveaways, where you can win a PS5, an electric scooter and more!

In short, it will be an amazing day for everyone who loves gaming and esports! Don’t miss out.