This was: BSL Season 4 Finals


The battles have been fought, the season 4 champions are known and the prize money has been divided. The Belgian Student League Finals have come to an end! What an amazing event it was. Every single one of you who visited the finals, made the event special. The atmosphere was through the roof, which made the exciting battles even more entertaining. It was a Sunday to never forget, so if you couldn’t be present or couldn’t watch the stream, this is how it went down!

The Finals of season 4 were held at the Kinepolis Antwerp. When you entered the movie theater, you immediately saw a big, beautiful banner of the Belgian Student League. Here in this BSL-hub, you could get free drinks, free food, play some games like Rocket League, Fifa, Gran Turismo 7… , and just have a good time meeting other teams, players and fans.

But theater 1 was the place where all the magic happened. Live games, which were also shown on the silver screen, and an amazing atmosphere thanks to a great crowd. Almost all the seats in the room were filled with fans. You just knew it was going to be a great afternoon!



The first clash of the day was the football battle between reigning BSL Champion EminoMercy (Keanu Newa, VUB Gaming) and BigRoen (Rune Gaudaen, Thomas More Hogeschool). Emino was the big favorite to win it all. He had also reached the playoffs of the Proximus ePro League with KAA Gent, while BigRoen just missed out with Beerschot.

The game started and surprisingly BigRoen took the initiative and won game 1 with 2-0. In a best-of-three he still needed one game to be crowned the new champion, but Emino wasn’t going down easily. In game 2 he showed his true form and ran circles around BigRoen, winning 4-0. That meant we were going to have a deciding third game, which would exceed all expectations. BigRoen got a 2-0 lead and with only 10 minutes on the clock his victory was within reach. In true Real Madrid style Emino made a last ditch effort to save his title. He quickly made 2-1 and in the dying seconds he made it 2-2. The crowd went absolutely nuts as we were going to overtime!  A golden goal would decide the outcome of the entire season of FIFA in the Belgian Student League. The nerves of both players were about to snap when Emino scored that all important third goal. 400 euro and the honor of being BSL FIFA Champion once more were his! Both players got a deserved standing ovation from the crowd.

On the left: EminoMercy. On the right: BigRoen

Rocket League = VUB Gaming’s League

After a short break where everyone could catch their breath, we traded in the grass pitch for the Rocket League arena. UGent Esports versus VUB Gaming was the matchup in this best-of-seven, where there was no clear favorite. Both teams had very skillful and experienced players, so you just knew the game would be exciting and fun to watch.

UGent Esports, the team of Bilbo, Zazzles and LNDR won the first game, but that didn’t shake VUB Gaming. They already had an amazing season as they also became the House of HR Cup Benelux Champion, after beating the Dutch Erasmus Esports in a 3-0 sweep earlier in the week. They also came in third in the international University Esports Masters (UEM). The team of BramDeSwaggerd, LXS and Absolute Zero stepped up their game and defeated UGent in the next four games, becoming the Rocket League champion and taking home that 800 euro prize pool.

What a season for the Foxes!

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The new kid on the block vs the veteran

Last but definitely not least: the League of legends final between PXL Esports and HE2B – ESI (Haute Ecole Bruxelles-Brabant). It was PXL Esports’ third time in the League of Legends final, having lost both previous finals. Third time’s a charm for the guys from Hasselt? It meant they would have to beat the amazing team of HE2B – ESI. in the group stage it was PXL Esports who was the only team to beat the team from Brussels, so maybe  they were HE2B’s kryptonite and would finally take home the crown.

The final started off exciting with HE2B taking the lead and getting the crowd going. Their support was absolutely insane in this final, pushing both teams to their limits. Eventually HE2B won the first game and PXL Esports just couldn’t overcome that loss. The second game of the Limburgers started dramatic and at the end HE2B blew PXL Esports completely out of the water, becoming Belgian Student League champion for the very first game. Not bad for a team that signed up just at the deadline.

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Brussels on top

With VUB Gaming winning the FIFA and Rocket League finals and HE2B – ESI winning the League of Legends final, it’s pretty obvious that the teams from Brussels are reigning supreme. Will they dominate next season as well?

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Thank you all for making the Belgian Student League possible. Next season will be even bigger and better! GG WP and see you soon.