Meet the teams: PXL Esports

Praise the Lord! The fourth season of the Belgian Student League is upon us and of course we are all excited to get started. To get you in the mood for the upcoming season, we would like to introduce you to all the participating teams, starting with PXL Esports from Hasselt in Limburg! 

In its fourth season, the Belgian Student League is once again packed with colleges and universities, and their teams that will give each other a hard time, in a competitive way. Behind every team there is of course a story and if we know you a little bit, you are very curious about those stories. So sit back and relax, because we will be featuring a few teams for you each week, leading up to and during the Belgian Student League.

PXL Esports has been a very important player since the beginning of the first season. In the second season they made a name for themselves by making it to the League of Legends finals! PXL had a very strong lineup back then, with a large online fan base. The team consisted of Perry, Pieter05, Asamaru, KieDie and Cisse. All experienced League-players who would scare any opponent. In the final they met and lost to Ephec, another powerhouse of the Belgian Student League. 

In the third season they had a chance to get revenge in a rematch against Ephec, but once again they had to be satisfied with second place.

This year they have again a very impressive lineup. Their League of Legends team players are: Perry, BramGyBhoo1, X_FKING_D_LoL, Kiedie and SkyOwnage. A very scary team, and we are excited to see how they will do. Their Rocket League team should not be underestimated either. With experts like TVDhero, deadmcslave, XanderThijs1 and of course roZwellrl they will put on a show!

Last week, they even announced an official Valorant team. The squad has a really impressive lineup with well-known Belgian players. The team consists of: dashlolz, Flickless, LDPVALO, Moestii and NakiryeVal with RadicVLR as coach! We are very excited to see what they will bring to the table.

Since 2020, PXL also has an esports postgraduate. Alexander Dumon is the driving force behind it. He once said in a PXL article that: “Only with enough talent can esports break through and become mainstream in Flanders and the Netherlands. With the Esports Business Architect postgraduate program, we are training the new generation of professionals for various positions in the esports sector. Moreover, these Esports Business Architects are ideally positioned to integrate Esports into numerous sectors, think software companies, HR businesses, the healthcare sector, education and more.” The program consists of three pillars: (1) Gaming & Digital Media, (2) Esports Technology, and (3) Esports Business. From these perspectives, work will be done on numerous Esports cases.”

So Hogeschool PXL is very committed to their esports teams and we can only applaud their investment. We are sure they will play an important role in the various leagues this year as well. We can’t wait to see what they got in store for us.

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