Check out the all new concept of the Belgian College League

The cat's out of the bag. The RIV4L College League will be rebranded to the Belgian College League.

What does this mean?
More games. More tournaments. More prizes. More support for students.

The Belgian College League

The Belgian College League will still have its classic competition in which 20 schools will fight to become the best in Belgium. Each institution can sign up one League of Legends team and one FIFA 21 player.

Do you want to represent your school?
Contact us or your school’s esports association.

BCL Tournament Series

Does this mean the BCL will only contain 2 games? No, on the contrary! This season we are also launching the BCL Tournament Series. Together with the support of our partners we will host tournaments throughout the year, for a wide variety of games.

Here you can get your fix for Rocket League, Valorant, Brawl Stars, CSGO, Mario Kart… Heck, even Just Dance, if that’s your jam.

Student Events

Throughout the first two seasons we’ve seen students with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for esports who want to set their first steps in the industry. Do you want to organise an online tournament, LAN event, viewingparty or even become your schools esports coordinator?

Contact the BCL and we will help you along the way. This could mean guidance on setting up an event or even providing a prizepool, depending on the event.

A job in esports

Esports as an industry is growing rapidly and is becoming a valid career path. Fulltime job openings for esports dedicated positions as a journalist, project manager, graphic designer, photographer, lawyer, copywriter and more are no longer a rarity. That is why we will also be focusing on careers in esports and how you can make your first start in the business.

Need help on your journey to a career in esports? The BCL is there for you.