Valorant Clutch

Of course, Valorant has to be part of the tournament series. In preparation for the well-known Red Bull Campus Clutch tournament, we are hosting a new Valorant tournament called Valorant Clutch! It’s the perfect warm-up game for you and your team, and there is a prize pool worth more than €250!

Who does not love Valorant? We at BSL certainly do! That’s why we are hosting a nice warm-up tournament for Red Bull Campus Clutch, where you can show off your skills and see what you, and your team, can do better. But how can you sign up and are there any rules/restrictions?

Players do not have to be from the same school to make a team, but all players must be students. When you sign up, make sure you select your esports association in your profile to receive points for the €7000 Tournament Series! There will be 4 qualifiers and playoffs. If you use bugs or glitches during a match, your team will be disqualified from the competition.

The winner of each qualifier will fight in the playoffs for the following prize pool:

• 5 GameForce tickets
• 5000 college coins
• 100 Tournament Series points
• Enough Red Bull to get you through your next exam period!

• 2500 college coins 
• 75 Tournament Series points

• 1250 college coins 
• 50 Tournament Series points

Sign up now! The links to the qualifiers are down below.

Qualifier 1 – 18 April

Qualifier 2 – 23 April

Qualifier 3 – 25 April

Qualifier 4 – 29 April

Playoffs – 30 April

GL & HF!