THIS WAS: Studentensport Vlaanderen Vlaamse finales

As the Belgian College League we not only organise our own tournaments and events, we also try to support esports by and for students. That is why we are proud to have been a part of the Vlaamse Finales, organised by Studentensport Vlaanderen. Those are mainly focussed on classic sports, but as BCL we tried to give students a taste of esports.

Vlaamse Finales 2020

We blikken even terug op de #vlaamsefinales op 4 maart 🏆Jammer genoeg zal de Belgische finaledag op 22 april niet meer kunnen doorgaan omwille van de maatregelen rond het coronavirus. We zullen dit jaar dus geen Belgische Kampioenen kunnen bekronen. Bij deze wil ik de Vlaamse finalisten nog even in de bloemetjes zetten en de kampioenen nog even proficiat wensen! 👍In tussentijd hoop ik dat jullie sportief bezig blijven, maar blijf wel in uw kot & blijf vooral gezond! Tot snel! #vlaamsefinales #blijfinuwkot #finaledag #volleybal #basketbal #voetbal #waterpolo #hockey #rugby #futsal

Geplaatst door Studentensport Vlaanderen vzw op Vrijdag 20 maart 2020

The Vlaamse Finales are the culmination of a season of sports for students, with finals between different universities. As you can see, it has a lot in common with BCL, so it was the perfect place to set up our little booth and show students that esports doesn’t always mean games like Counter-Strike or League of Legends. This time the students got a chance to experience a game with a physical component: Beat Saber.

We were glad to see so many students willing to try their hand at something new, and enjoying it! Not only is esports something unfamiliar for a lot of them, but also playing in VR isn’t something you get to do every day.

Us, trying to fight off the virus, so we can finally go outside again.And go back to the good old days, like the Vlaamse Finales we visited a while ago...

Geplaatst door RIV4L College League op Maandag 27 april 2020

To entice them even more, we gave all participating students a chance to take part in a giveaway for an Omen laptop and a Nintendo Switch. As you can see, our winners were very delighted with their new gadgets. We will keep on supporting and visiting more and more universities and student events, to show the power and potential of esports and its industry. Maybe you’ll see us at your school very soon. If so, please come say hi and let us show you what esports has to offer. Or just play a game with us..