Belgian Student League supports #RIProken

Smoking is bad, mkay! That is why the Belgian Student League has pledged its support to #RIProken, a new movement that is focused on keeping young people from picking up that first cigarette. Because if you don’t start smoking, you never have to quit!

To prove the impact of smoking influencer Arno The Kid challenged our good friend, esporter and former world champion Stefano Pinna to a friendly match of FIFA. Little did Stefano know that he would have to compete using a team full of smokers, creating some interesting results!

If you want to join Team #RIProken yourself (or want to have a chance at winning some awesome prizes) then check out riproken.be. Make sure to also share online if you decide to join the team, to encourage your friends to do the same!

Join the #RIProken movement now!